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School Missives

Saint Patrick's Day at Ave Maria Academy

Students and staff celebrate.

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Holy Mass is celebrated at the AMA campus for the first time!

Our spiritual advisor, Father Henry Atem, joined us today and said Holy Mass.  The students sang the Our Father in Latin (also known as the Pater Noster).

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World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

September 1, 2016 To highlight our desire to live in the spirit of Laudato Si’ as a school community, Ave Maria Academy gladly takes up Pope Francis’ designation of September 1st as the first annual World ...

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Promises of the Holy Rosary

August 8, 2016 Happy Memorial of St. Dominic, the founder of the Order of Preachers, better known as the Dominicans. According to tradition, Holy Mother Mary revealed to St. Dominic the practice of praying the Rosary, ...

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Our Lady of Snows

August 5, 2016 Happy Memorial of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major! I couldn’t let this Marian feast day pass without drawing some attention to it. According to the Golden Legend story, this ...

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Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

July 22, 2016 Happy Feast of St. Mary Magdalene! Earlier this year, Pope Francis upgraded the Memorial of the “Apostle to the Apostles” to a Feast day of the Universal Church. Here in Coweta County, we ...

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AMA Teachers Attend Catholic Classical Schools Conference

July 15, 2016 Mr. Verlander and Mr. Carlson depart on Monday for Aston, PA and Neumann University to attend the 2016 Catholic Classical Schools Conference put on by the Institute of Catholic Liberal Education. This year’s ...

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Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary: Preparation Begins Today

July 13, 2016 In preparation for the coming school year, the faculty of Ave Maria Academy will begin St. Louis De Montfort’s 33 day preparation for a Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary to conclude on ...

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Novena to St. Maria Goretti – Day 9

July 6, 2016 Here is the prayer for the ninth and final day of the novena to St. Maria Goretti – her feast day! Did you know that Maria not only stands out as a model ...

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A member of the Missionaries of Charity venerates the relics of St. Maria Goretti at St. John Cantius Church in Chicago Oct. 12. The major relics, which are virtually all of the skeletal remains of the saint, known as the "patroness of purity," are on a U.S. "pilgrimage of mercy" this fall that will go to nearly 20 states. (CNS photo/Karen Callaway, Catholic New World) See story to come.

Novena to St. Maria Goretti – Day 8

July 5, 2016 Here is the prayer for the eighth day of the novena to St. Maria Goretti for Ave Maria Academy. Did you know that when the relics of St. Maria Goretti visited the United ...

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News and Events

Our First Year

The students sing “Non Nobis Domine” as the closing song for the school year. “Not to us Lord, not to us, but to Your Name give the glory.”

Founding Donors

In Appreciation of our Founding Donors

Founding donors are those who bravely and boldly invested their prayers, extraordinary time and resources during the 2016-2017 inaugural year of our school, supporting our mission of offering Classical Education in the Catholic Tradition. With a great deal of thought and prayer, we have chosen not to create a list segregating and identifying donations given by amount, basing our decision on the lesson of the widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4). We have donations that range from time given volunteering to $10 per month to large one time donations. Each and every word of prayer uttered on our behalf, moment of time, and penny is precious to our school. The depths from which each soul gives truly cannot be measured. Therefore, the Founding Donors page is a simple, alphabetical list of souls to whom we are deeply grateful.
In keeping with our goal never to turn away a family for financial reasons, we continue to rely upon support from our donors to support our simple infrastructure costs of salaries, benefits, insurances and facilities costs.
Please let us know if we may count on your support for second school year: June 2017 – May 2018.
Above all else, please, if you will, keep us in your prayers for the upcoming 2017/2018 academic year.
Many blessings to each of you and, again, our sincerest gratitude for all you have given to make our inaugural year a memorable one.
Diane Alden
Tim Antrim
Aline Archibald
Father Henry Atem
Colleen Barreca-Kothawala
June & Deacon Steve Beers
Elaine & Earl Behrens
William Boni
Diana H. & Christopher K. Borse
Rob Borse
Ikumi & Ed Buckley
Robert Breitbiel
Pat Burns
Cathy & Dennis Carazza
Susie & Jose Couvillion
Tommy Curtin
Denise Dale
Tim Danaher
Jean & Lawrence H. Davis, Sr.
Monique & Lawrence H. Davis, Jr.
Leslie & Lawrence H. Davis, III
Jaime & Eric DeCesare
Elizabeth Derichs
Helene Gaede
Courtney & Andrew Griffin
Robert Hebert
Laura Hunter
Emily Jefferies
Susan & Donald Kiflin
Daniela I. & Stephen R. Kurek
Pam & Andrew Lang
Rev. & Mrs. Frank Larisey
Legion of Mary, St. George Catholic Church
Anna & David Lugo
Brinda & Tom Martin
Kiria & Steve McMillan
Steve Nader
Jennifer Nugent
Monica & Christopher Ortiz de Oppermann
Sandra & Jimmy Preau
Charlie Rouse
Julie Rushin
Steve Rummelsburg
Sharon & Frederick Sickel
Denise A. & Christopher F. Sickel
Mary Kate & Patrick Silloway
Laura & John Slonkosky
Javier & Valeria Solanet
Chrissy & Kevin Sporrer
Alexander Taylor
Martha Marie & Robert J. Verlander
Linda & Michael Verlander
Jim Winkler
Carolyn D. Witt
Carol & William Yadlosky
Jacqueline Zwick
All souls who wished to remain anonymous
Please forgive any oversights and notify us immediately so that we may recognize you.

School Update

Updates on our School’s progress:
We want to take a moment to share with you exciting developments on the horizon.

ICLE: Recently we became a Member School with the Institute of Catholic Liberal Education. Along with this membership, we have engaged in discussions with Ms. Mary Pat Donoghue, Director of School Services, niece of the late Archbishop John Francis Donoghue of Atlanta, and spearhead for gathering together brilliant minds to form a Catholic Classical Curriculum which we adopted as the cornerstone for our school’s curriculum. This curriculum is now in over 80 archdiocesan schools nationwide. Our hope is ICLE will be assisting our school with staff development and giving us good guidance in many areas as we implement the full vision for Ave Maria Academy which may include future locations.

HOMESCHOOL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE: In addition to our 5-day and homeschool hybrid options, Ave Maria Academy now offers a weekly lesson plan subscription service for families that purely homeschool their children. Families now need not be local to become a part of our school family. This weekly service keeps our lesson plans vibrant and flexible, incorporating current events such as Spot the International Space Station, Archeological News, Updates on the widespread growth of Classical Education, Gardening events, etc. Interest forms from families have been coming in – they will receive sample lesson plans and book lists very soon to complete the discernment process!

DOMINICAN SISTERS: In keeping with our original vision, we remain in contact with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia’s in Nashville, TN and continue to pray and dialogue regarding adding them within a year or two as part of our school community. It fits neatly as the Institute of Catholic Liberal Education also has a working relationship with the sisters!

KOLBE: An interesting new development is a potential new relationship with Kolbe Academy offering to procure books for our families among other potential services. This will further helps our cause in bringing Classical Education in the Catholic Tradition to our families that is affordable. We hope to have two published book order forms for families within a couple of weeks. One will be for Local families and one for distance families due to shipping costs.

FUTURE: With this coming school year, we have officially maximized use of the space available at Resurrection Lutheran Church. Enrollment will be set at a maximum of 45 students per school day. We are near full and anticipate possibly having to turn away a few families still discerning attending. A good problem to have when you are a new school; yet, we wish we had room for all. Resurrection Lutheran has expansion plans so we are hopeful to remain tenants for at least a couple more years. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship blessing members of both Ave Maria Academy and Resurrection Lutheran.

MASS: St. Mary Magdalene has graciously welcomed our school over the past year as we visited from time to time. New next year is a regular schedule of visiting their beautiful parish on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays each month celebrating not only mass but the Morning Prayers. Beautiful! Fr. Henry Atem, from St. George Catholic Church will graciously be offering mass on campus the third Tuesdays of each month. This new schedule means less permission slips to be signed by parents and an easier way to remember mass uniform days as well.

ARCHERY: We have begun an after-school archery program and are very grateful for Holy Spirit Preparatory School for passing along their gently used archery equipment to our school at a much appreciated discounted price. The children are thrilled – and some parents, too!

In keeping with our goal never to turn away a family for financial reasons, we continue to rely upon support from our donors to support our simple infrastructure costs of salaries, benefits, insurances and facilities costs.

Please let us know if we may count on your support for the 2017/2018 school year – June 2017 – May 2018.
We recently have upgraded our donation services to offer monthly donation reminders via USPS or email. Many monthly donors this year decided use their own bank’s bill payment site to avoid PayPal fees and other costs related to collecting regular monthly donations. Rest assured, we sincerely appreciate assistance ever how it may come.
Please keep us in your prayers for the upcoming 2017/2018 academic year.

Many blessings to each of you and our sincerest gratitude for all you have given in time, prayers and resources to make our inaugural year a memorable one.

Monique L. Davis
Chair, Board of Trustees
Ave Maria Academy

Month at a Glance

Nothing from July 21, 2017 to August 21, 2017.

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Ave Maria Academy is a K-9 school for boys and girls, with a traditional 5-day schedule and 2 or 3 day hybrid home-school student option. We offer a Classical education in the Catholic tradition, dedicated to handing on the fullness of the Faith to cultivate virtue, the imagination, and the intellect. Ave Maria Academy is a NAPCIS Member School. NAPCIS member schools have achieved and maintain a full commitment to Catholic doctrinal orthodoxy and very high professional and academic standards (see the full standards of excellence).