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Founding Donors

In Appreciation of our Founding Donors

Founding donors are those who bravely and boldly invested their prayers, extraordinary time and resources during the 2016-2017 inaugural year of our school, supporting our mission of offering Classical Education in the Catholic Tradition. With a great deal of thought and prayer, we have chosen not to create a list segregating and identifying donations given by amount, basing our decision on the lesson of the widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4). We have donations that range from time given volunteering to $10 per month to large one time donations. Each and every word of prayer uttered on our behalf, moment of time, and penny is precious to our school. The depths from which each soul gives truly cannot be measured. Therefore, the Founding Donors page is a simple, alphabetical list of souls to whom we are deeply grateful.
In keeping with our goal never to turn away a family for financial reasons, we continue to rely upon support from our donors to support our simple infrastructure costs of salaries, benefits, insurances and facilities costs.
Please let us know if we may count on your support for second school year: June 2017 – May 2018.
Above all else, please, if you will, keep us in your prayers for the upcoming 2017/2018 academic year.
Many blessings to each of you and, again, our sincerest gratitude for all you have given to make our inaugural year a memorable one.
Diane Alden
Tim Antrim
Aline Archibald
Father Henry Atem
Colleen Barreca-Kothawala
June & Deacon Steve Beers
Elaine & Earl Behrens
William Boni
Diana H. & Christopher K. Borse
Rob Borse
Ikumi & Ed Buckley
Robert Breitbiel
Pat Burns
Cathy & Dennis Carazza
Susie & Jose Couvillion
Tommy Curtin
Denise Dale
Tim Danaher
Jean & Lawrence H. Davis, Sr.
Monique & Lawrence H. Davis, Jr.
Leslie & Lawrence H. Davis, III
Jaime & Eric DeCesare
Elizabeth Derichs
Helene Gaede
Courtney & Andrew Griffin
Robert Hebert
Laura Hunter
Emily Jefferies
Susan & Donald Kiflin
Daniela I. & Stephen R. Kurek
Pam & Andrew Lang
Rev. & Mrs. Frank Larisey
Legion of Mary, St. George Catholic Church
Anna & David Lugo
Brinda & Tom Martin
Kiria & Steve McMillan
Steve Nader
Jennifer Nugent
Monica & Christopher Ortiz de Oppermann
Sandra & Jimmy Preau
Charlie Rouse
Julie Rushin
Steve Rummelsburg
Sharon & Frederick Sickel
Denise A. & Christopher F. Sickel
Mary Kate & Patrick Silloway
Laura & John Slonkosky
Javier & Valeria Solanet
Chrissy & Kevin Sporrer
Alexander Taylor
Martha Marie & Robert J. Verlander
Linda & Michael Verlander
Jim Winkler
Carolyn D. Witt
Carol & William Yadlosky
Jacqueline Zwick
All souls who wished to remain anonymous
Please forgive any oversights and notify us immediately so that we may recognize you.

Why Donate?


Ave Maria Academy is a traditional 5-day K-8 school for boys and girls.   We offer a Classical education in the Catholic tradition, dedicated to handing on the fullness of the Faith to cultivate virtue, the imagination, and the intellect. Ave Maria Academy is a NAPCIS Member School. NAPCIS member schools have achieved and maintain a full commitment to Catholic doctrinal orthodoxy and very high professional and academic standards (see the full standards of excellence).

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