The Good, The True, The Beautiful


Our Mission

SGACoANoBkgrdAve Maria Academy is unswervingly faithful to the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church as we firmly intend to pass on the Catholic faith with an integrated, classical liberal arts curriculum and a culture imbued with a Catholic worldview. Ave Maria Academy educates the whole human person by the cultivation of virtues, intellectual and moral, in Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. We support parents, the first and primary educators, in their task to raise children for God’s kingdom.
“Veni et Vide” ~ Come and See ~
Dear Prospective Family of Ave Maria Academy,

It is my pleasure to extend to you an invitation to apply to Ave Maria Academy as it will be an honor to serve you in education. You are the first and primary teachers of your children, and we exist to assist you in your responsibility to educate them. We view our relationship as a partnership in a common effort and as a friendship with a common love for your child and his or her good.

We believe that we offer an extraordinary education for children because we view ourselves as servants to the Truth. We allow the wisdom of the saints and the Truths of the Catholic Faith to inform our approach as we hand on the Tradition that has been passed on to us. With Christ as our center, we draw our strength from the grace of the sacraments and strive to be saints ourselves. We educate in wonder and challenge the children of Ave Maria Academy to live a holy life. Enriched, too, with a perception of what is good and beautiful and being formed in excellent habits, your child comes to recognize and welcome good and beautiful things and ways of being into his or her life, becoming good and beautiful in body, mind, and soul. Thusly we strive to nurture, with you, your child’s potential in the best ways, enabling a sharp intellect and a good, virtuous character.

Please know that we at Ave Maria Academy are praying for your family and desire most ardently that God’s will be done. If His will includes Ave Maria Academy for your family, we are humbled and very excited about the opportunity to serve you in our community. If you have any questions about the application process or the course of study to come, please do not hesitate to contact me.  To apply, please follow these simple steps:


  1. Fill out the application online or print and mail to Ave Maria Academy.
  2. Meet with our Principal, Mrs. Monique Davis.
  3. Submit the Registration Packet along with your $250 registration fee and any tuition amounts due (if applying after June 1st).

The adventure of an Ave Maria Academy education is an extraordinary one, a story worth telling for a lifetime. It includes kings, princesses, knights, and dragons. “Come and see.”

Yours in the Peace of Christ,
Mrs. Monique Davis, Principal

Applications and fees must be submitted in person or by mail to:

Mrs. Monique Davis
P.O. Box 74009
Newnan, GA 30271

Why Donate?


Ave Maria Academy is a K-9 school for boys and girls, with a traditional 5-day schedule and 2 or 3 day hybrid home-school student option. We offer a Classical education in the Catholic tradition, dedicated to handing on the fullness of the Faith to cultivate virtue, the imagination, and the intellect. Ave Maria Academy is a NAPCIS Member School. NAPCIS member schools have achieved and maintain a full commitment to Catholic doctrinal orthodoxy and very high professional and academic standards (see the full standards of excellence).