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Uniform Guidelines

Ave Maria Academy Uniform Guidelines

Guided by the school’s mission toward the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, Ave Maria Academy’s uniform both instills and reflects a modesty and dignity of dress appropriate to the culture of the school and to the advantage of the proper focus of the classroom.

General Attire and Appearance

Daily, students are expected to be in uniform. All pieces of uniform attire should be clean, neat, properly fitted, with no holes, tears, or obvious stains. Students are expected to practice good personal hygiene, coming to school groomed and clean in hair and body.

Hair, Jewelry, and Makeup

Haircuts for both boys and girls should be traditional and kempt, with no hair covering the eyes or hanging in the face as a general rule. Hair ribbons must be plain red, white, or light or dark blue only. A single religious necklace is permitted, and if earrings are worn they can be stud only. No bracelets, rings, or anklets are allowed. Noticeable makeup of any kind, lipstick and nail polish are not permitted.

After-school Activities, Evening & Weekend Events

Unless specifically outlined, students should be in uniform for all Ave Maria Academy related events, with the Holy Mass and Non-Mass Uniform options in use appropriate to the occasion. E.g., field trips may require the non-Mass uniform option, while a lecture may require the Holy Mass uniform option. All requirements to be announced as needed.

Non-Uniform Activities

If a field trip, field day or off-campus activity requires the use of non-uniform attire, Ave Maria Academy permits modest, simple, neat attire meeting in spirit the general uniform requirements appropriate to the occasion, in school colors if possible. E.g., clothes should be in good condition and knee lengths for all attire should not come above the knee, nor will bare shoulders or garishly colored or decorated clothes, nor clothes with logos or popular media designs/verbiage or characters be permitted. No hooded or sweatshirt /pant material is permitted. All questions should be directed to the Headmaster, and his discretion will be in force at all times. Specific outlines will be dictated as these occasions arise.

P.E. Uniform

Ave Maria Academy requires no P.E. Uniform at this time. See “shoe requirements” for more-physically oriented activities.

Ave Maria Uniform Colors:

Navy Blue: Sweaters, pants, skirts, shorts
Light Blue: Polos
Classic Red: Polos (no shades of burgundy, maroon, etc. Classic red only.)
Charcoal Gray: Pants, skirts
White: Oxford button downs/blouses
“Plaid 82,” Blue/gray/maroon plaid: Jumpers, skirts/kilts, girls cross tie, boys tie

Holy Mass Day Uniform (Required for Mass)

Girls (K-3):  Plaid 82 Jumper (Jumpers must touch the floor when kneeling), white blouse

Girls (4-8): Plaid 82 Kilt (Skirts must touch the floor when kneeling), white oxford button down blouse, Plaid 82 cross tie

Boys (K-8):  Charcoal pants, white oxford button down shirt, plaid 82 tie, belt

Winter: Navy sweater vest or V-neck cardigan with embroidered AMA logo. Crew neck cardigan (embroidered with AMA logo) is optional for K-3 girls wearing jumpers.

Uniform Options for Non-Mass Days*

Girls (K-3): Solid navy jumper, navy or charcoal skirt (Jumpers and skirts must touch the floor when kneeling); light blue or red polo with AMA logo.

Girls (4-8): Navy or charcoal skirt (Skirts must touch the floor when kneeling); light blue or red polo with AMA logo

Boys (K-8): Navy pants or shorts; light blue or red polo with AMA logo

Optional: Navy sweater vest or cardigan with embroidered AMA logo

*Mass day uniform can be worn any day. Uniform options are for more casual dress if desired.


Solid black or navy dress shoes, with no decoration. No heels exceeding ¾ inch thick or colored laces, etc. *All students should bring to school one pair of comfortable, well-fitted tennis shoes that are in good condition for exercise, walks, gardening, and playground activities.

Belts (boys)

Solid black belt (no decorations). Belts are required for boys every day and shirts must be tucked in.

Socks and Tights

Boys: Solid black, navy, charcoal or white socks.

Girls: Solid navy, charcoal or white socks or tights. No leggings.

Important Uniform Notes (read before ordering any uniform items)

Flynn O’hara is the uniform provider for Ave Maria Academy. Their Web site is


AMA’s “Plaid 82” is referenced as “Blue/gray/maroon plaid” at Flynn O’hara

Skirt and jumper lengths should be below the knee and must touch floor when kneeling. Flynn O’hara skirts are offered in 20” and 22” lengths for “teen” sizes, order according to height. There is a 2” hem on skirts that can be let down if needed.  Jumpers have a 2” hem as well.

Review Flynn O’hara “Kilts-and-Skirts” chart to know the length of the skirt you are ordering and measure on your daughter to be sure it meets the AMA length requirement. Skirt lengths measurement starts below waistband.  (i.e. Children’s regular size 8 has 15.5” length but from waist is about 16.5”)

Girls must wear “cartwheel” shorts underneath skirts and jumpers if wearing socks. Not needed with tights.

Flynn O’hara carries AMA’s entire uniform line. All plaid items (required for Holy Mass but optional all other days) are only available through Flynn O’hara. Other solid print uniform shirts and bottoms can optionally be purchased from local vendors (Gymboree, J&R Clothing, Children’s Place) but must match the approved AMA colors (see above) and meet skirt length requirements.

If polo shirts are purchased from a vendor other than Flynn O’hara, they must be embroidered with AMA logo. This can be done at Coweta Sports located at 1774 Hwy 154, Suite 6, Sharpsburg GA 30277. Phone 770-251-4338. For light blue polos, use navy logo option and red polos use white logo option.

Any sweaters worn in the classroom must be a navy cardigan or sweater vest embroidered with AMA logo.

Items purchased through Flynn O’hara gives 10% of your purchase back to Ave Maria Academy. Their quality is superior. They offer a school year warranty on their clothes for manufacturer defect.

When making your initial uniform purchase, start with the Mass Day uniform. It is required for weekly Mass and optional to wear any day of the week as well. Add items from the “optional” uniform selections for more casual dress as desired.

Sizing Chart

Step by Step Ordering Instructions

Flynn O’Hara Portal
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